Wednesday, 28 August 2013

yeah today ...


Lee sungmin...

i just read a fan account, about you ... :'''')

this afternoon, i know you were coming to ryeowook's musical, i just think "you keep your promise to watch ryeong's musical"
i saw your photos, you are gorgeous, so handsome and cool but i can see you aren't in a good mood, maybe too tired? have you eaten? did you sleep well? take care please :) this busy schedule is disgusting, right?
everything is okay, my heart is okay, till i read the fan account hehehe :"") actually i still okay after i read it.

she said she watched ryeowook's musical today, btw she is your fangirl, like me. she is an international fangirl, not a korean fangirl, like me. and you suddenly appeared and sat in front of her :""") she said you smelled so good. i think she is nearly to cry when she know that "sungmin oppa is sitting in front of me"
and i know, last month she met you at SS4 3D premier and shook hand with you :"")

and i was "aaaah how lucky she is"
i'm okay seriously i'm okay, but you know i'm craving for her luck :) am i too selfish or arrogant? yes, i envy her hehehehe i'm so sorry

 130828 Lee sungmin at ryeowook's musical

me right now :


Saturday, 17 August 2013